How We Deliver Our Services

We help you make the most of your online presence to ensure that you get closer to the top of Google Search Results pages, which ultimately gets you more business.



Online Listings for Your Company Before 5 Star Links


Unless you claim and correct your Online Directory Listings, most of them are missing or incorrect. Google thinks these listings (AKA, Citations) are very important because they have information about your businesses that is designed to help people find businesses, products and services in a particular geographic area. If the information is incorrect, it actually can hurt your Google Search Engine Results status.


Your Online Listings After 5 Star Links


We claim, correct and update over 200 of these Online Directory Listings to make sure the citation information is  consistent. Each listing has a link back to your Website. This makes it easier for people to find your business and makes you show up higher on Google Search Engine Results Pages.


We Help You Get Online Reviews From Your Customers


Online Reviews are critical for your business.  Over 94 percent of your customers click on Google’s first page of search results. They also decide which business to click on within seconds of scanning the results page, looking at businesses with positive Gold Star Reviews is a major determinant.

Since Online Reviews are nearly impossible to remove, we use a proven review solicitation process to help you address issues before one of your customers permanently publishes a negative review about your business. We help you get more positive online reviews by:

  1. Sending email to your customers requesting feedback, “How likely are you (1-10) to refer us to a friend or other business?”.
  2. If your customer selects highly likely (7-10  Happy Customer), then they are sent to the Online Directories of your choice, Google+, FaceBook, Yelp, etc. to leave you a positive online review.
  3. If your customer selects mid or not likely (1-6  Unhappy Customer), then they are sent to our Resolution Process where they provide you with invaluable input about their experience, without leaving you a negative Online Review.


Why Are Online Directories and Reviews So Important?


Correct, updated Online Directory Listings AND a regular flow of positive Online Reviews will help your Google Search results rankings. When your business shows up in Google Search Results pages higher, with more positive Gold Star Reviews, you will get more calls, more leads and more business. Typically, we expect between 25% – 50% increase in the number of incoming Internet originated calls or emails as a result of our services.


Correct and Updated Online Directories Get You More Business


We correct and update your online directory Google Reviews are important for your Search Results Rankings, we initially focus on getting your customers to leave reviews with the most relevant Online Directories like Google+, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, FaceBook and many others.

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