Who We Are

5 Star Links is a business services company that provides technology, expertise, process and experience to enable companies to effectively use technology to help drive more customer contacts, sales and business development. In this ever changing technology landscape, it is impossible for business owners to keep up with ongoing technological changes and also successfully run their business. There is an old school saying we like to use:  Stick to the knitting:  To build a business, you have to do what you do best and then surround yourself with others who are better than you at all of the other activities associated with building a great company. You will find that doing this will help you build your company faster and better than your competitors. We can help you do this.

5 Star Links leverages the combined experience of its team to support our clients with comprehensive local search marketing programs. We identify the right mix of technologies and media to help our clients effectively connect with their customers. We do this by focusing on various stages of the consumer buying process and by utilizing a suite of proprietary online and offline tools and capabilities. Our goal is to put in place effective programs that are created and managed by dedicated, experienced professionals that will help drive new sales for our clients.

5StarLinks is a small business that serves small business owners. We are lean, efficient and creative in how we help our clients. Our team consists of Online Directory managers, researchers, marketing support personnel and sales staff. Online Directories and Reviews represents one of the most important aspects of growing your business right now. It represents the greatest benefit, for the least amount of money in the shortest amount of time that you can get for your company. Contact us today to learn more.